Maryland Sheep & Wool 2017 Preview

Maryland Sheep & Wool 2017 Preview

It's almost here! We'll be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, May 6-7 on the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, Maryland.

We will be bringing lots of yarn as usual including the annual colorway just for MDSW2017! This will be available on many of our yarn bases, including many that are unable to make it to this year’s show.

We will put the show colorway out on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. There is a limit of two (2) skeins of the show colorway for each person. When it runs out each day, that is all there is for that day.

Yowza Show Racks

We will be bringing lots of Yowza, Yummy 2-Ply, and Keira. These are the ONLY bases we will be bringing. All 3 of these bases will be available as single skeins for you to select to create the projects you have in mind. AND….

Yummy 2-Ply will have a number of pre-packaged sets for you to pick from for a variety of projects. These include:

  • Duos for 2-color projects
  • Trios for 3-color projects
  • Gradient sets
  • Gradient sets with coordinating background skein for shawl projects
  • Joji Mystery Knit-Along sets
  • Find Your Fade sets

Joji Sets



The Fair Committee and the Howard County Fire Department has asked us to be responsible for the crowds in the immediate vicinity (aisles and doorways) of our area in order to make sure the environment is safe for all. This is a challenge to us, but we believe we must strive to make the fair experience not only enjoyable, but safe for everyone. In the past, we haven’t had difficulty with our line waiting to pay, but we believe the committee’s concern is with those waiting to shop in our booth.

STEPS we are taking to comply with their request:

1. We will be placing a wall on the aisle side of our booth so that customers must enter the booth (beside the cash registers) in order to shop.

2. We will be asking people to wait in line to enter the booth once it is full rather than congregating at the booth entry. This line will be directed towards the outside.

3. We have had a register table specially built so that we will fit 3 registers (instead of 2) this year. Two will be both cash and credit, and the third will be credit only. Please note that we also accept Apple Pay.

4. We will have all of our staff in purple Miss Babs T-Shirts for ease of identification. Please note that some of our folks, including Miss Babs, have been asked to make sure that the aisles around our booth are clear to ensure safe passage for others in the crowd. Our goal is to make it safe and easy for people to navigate in the area of our booth.

Twisted samples

We will be bringing lots of 10 yard samples of yarn in almost every base for you to try and test. These are great for doing gauge swatches.
We will have members of the team bringing you chocolate and mints, plus talking with you about any questions you have about the yarn or projects you are planning.
And of course there will be samples of shawls and new projects!

Later in the day the booth tends to slow down and may be a great time to visit us. We do bring lots of stock for restocking through the day.

We will also be having an online event during the MDSW weekend for those who either cannot make it to the show or can’t make it into our booth. If you're on our newsletter list, you'll get an email on Saturday, May 6. Also, some of the more popular sets may sell out, but will be available on our website or as Pre-Orders.

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I was lucky enough to attend this event again this year. My daughter lives in Hanover, Md. A stone throw away. I was completely overwhelmed by the beautiful yarn on display at your booth. Finally decided on a skein of Babette. Your yarn is amazing , along with the colors. Making it very hard to decide. Lol
I hope to see you again next year and your wonderful collection of gorgeous yarn.



Thank you for including your customers who can’t get to MDSW — because of you, I feel part of things!

Dorothy A. Bell

Wish I could make one of these events; one of these day I will!! They are all so far from Michigan, so I have to settle with some of the local events. I am so lucky that I already purchased my Find Your Fade kit and have enough of your yarn for the rest of my life; but I always come back for more of the great color combos you and your team come up with. Have a great show and I pray that you don’t have any rain; we are getting a lot of rain and flooding here in Michigan.

Sue Roman

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