Maryland Sheep & Wool 2021 Colorways

Maryland Sheep & Wool 2021 Colorways

Introducing Hydrangea Bouquet and Daisies, our two show colors for the 2021 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  

Hydrangea Bouquet yarn in a big pile with flowers

Hydrangea Bouquet is 2021's first special colorway for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. This bouquet is moody, with soft dried-flower tans and pinks beneath pops of rich shadowy blue, murky greenish-brown, and lively splashes of acid green and fuchsia pink.

Daisies yarn together with pictures of flowers

Cheerful and sunshine-bright, Daisies is our second special colorway for the 2021 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Petals of yellow, orange, coral-pink, and warm purple are scattered over a natural cream background.

These two colorways are perfect on their own, but what if you've got a larger project in mind?  Here are some suggestions for colorways that "go with" both.  

Hydrangea Bouquet: in the top row, Provence, Navy, and Dragon Claw; bottom row Japanese Maple, Cascara, and Quicksilver.


Daisies: In the top row: Coral, Japanese Maple; on the bottom row: Whitsunday, Lilacs, Sangria, Sunny.

If you want some ideas beyond feeding the stash, we have lots of suggestions for great one-skein projects... read on!

Obviously, with singletons, accessories are going to be your best bet. But how to choose? We like to recommend an accessory not based on the amount of yarn it uses (although all these projects are one skein projects), but because the design or texture will let your yarn shine.

While all the links below go to Ravelry, we also have a Pinterest board of single-skein project ideas. You can also browse our Project Gallery by yarn base to check out more suggestions!

If you've got a single of Yowza, you're in luck. The yardage is so generous, there are quite a few projects that would work. If your skein is a monochrome or lightly speckled, we love Winter Tide and The Hourglass Cowl, as both of these are quite textured.

If a shawl is more to your liking, the Yowza Weigh It Shawl 4 and Autumn Scarf would shine in one of our new Maryland Sheep & Wool show colorways. The garter stitch plays so nicely with variegation.


There are many one skein projects that work well in a variety of yarn weights.  The cowl Nick and Into the Leaves call for Killington, and are both versatile pieces; Into the Leaves can be made as either a scarf or cowl. And Nick could be knit with a fingering weight yarn as well.

If you've got some solo fingering weight yarn on your hands, we love seeing all the different versions of Woven which works with both variegated and monochrome yarns. And if you're hankering for another Hitchhiker, there's HItchhiker Beyond as a great option.

Lastly, if you have some luxury yarn in your stash, why not treat yourself to a beautiful hat, like Loch or, even better, something snuggly for your neck, like Ptarmigan? Both of these would work nicely with Sojourn, Caroline, or Estrellita.  

One skein projects are your stash's best friend!  Not only are they quick to knit, they let you show your singletons the light of day!

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