MDSW 2022 Samples

MDSW 2022 Samples

We just wrapped up our trip to Maryland for the 49th Annual Sheep & Wool Festival. Thank you so much to everyone who came out in the deluge and the chill and the mud! It was so wonderful to see you all in person again.

Here's a roundup of the sample garments that were featured in our booth over the weekend. We get lots of questions at the show about the samples, so we'd thought we'd talk a bit about each.

With limited space in our booth, we brought Yummy 2-Ply and some Gradient Sets, Yowza and Yowza Minis, and Katahdin. 

Our Yummy 2-Ply samples include, from left to right:

As with all our samples, we chose these as they play to Yummy 2-Ply's strengths: color, stitch definition and versatility. They show how the yarn works with a variety of needle sizes and techniques.  

Over on the other side of our booth, you can really see how versatile Yowza is--there are projects with textured stitches, others with incredible drape, and also those highlighting intricate colorwork. The (No Need to) Panic Sweater (worked in Defender of the Snax) highlights both a speckled colorway and textured yoke, while Chill Out (in Eastern Bluebird) shows how Yowza works in an open lacy pattern. The Lituma Poncho (in Mahi Mahi) shows off Yowza's incredible drape. 

Similarly, Hedera (in Coastal Fog, Beanstalk & Fig), Bear Hug (in Boysenberry) and Mija (White Peppercorn and 3 Yowza Minis in Ghost Ship, Tucked Away and Rise & Shine) showcase how beautifully Yowza knits up in both textured and colorwork projects.

Typically we bring lots of gradient sets and their samples to our shows.  Maryland was no different. Both the Sun and Shade (in the Sun and Shade gradient plus Pewter) wrap and Around the Blend (in the Wildflowers gradient plus White Peppercorn Yowza) show how to best use our complex gradients (sets that transition from one color family to another). For more gradient inspiration, see our Ravelry bundle.

Our Neutra sample (shown in the Vineyard gradient with Palm Valley, below) was knit in a simple gradient, wherein the gradient shifts from light to dark within the same colorway.

Katahdin, with its massive yardage, is always a showstopper! One skein is all you need for most Katahdin projects--like Lisse (above, in Spotted Flowers), and Wild Flower Box Top (in Thistledown), Sempervirens (in Sempervirens), and the Sleuthing Shawl (crocheted in Nori) all below, along with some of our favorite woven pieces.

Lastly, while we did not bring our newest base Avon to the show, we did bring along a sample from the As You Wish knit-along, shown in the True Love set. 

We have a lot of fun choosing which samples to bring to the show--we hope you enjoyed this quick little tour of our booth! Did we miss something? Drop us an email and we'll help figure it out.

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What about the beautiful Inclinations Cowl made with Yummy 2-ply? I am hoping for a kit for this. Colors are lovely.

Lee Hughey

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