More Taboo Color Combination Ideas

More Taboo Color Combination Ideas

We have been enjoying all the combinations people have chosen for their Taboo shawls, and have come up with a few more suggestions to share. We will continue to post blogs with suggested combinations leading up to the KAL, but as always if there is a color you would like to feature you are welcome to email us for suggestions for a second color!

Spiked Punch and Into the Void, Into the Void and Lilacs, Secret Garden and Topaz

Pink Lemonade and Naked, Old Gold and Ebony, Lilacs and Echo

Espresso and Floyd, Hops and Carnelian, Saffron and Dark Chocolate

Saffron and Charlie, Hops and Green Machine, Sea Life and Topaz

Half Past Midnight and Into the Void, Echo and Paprika, Pumpkin Vine and Dark Chocolate
Echo and Water Wheel, Ebony and Berlin, Denim and Old Gold

Espresso and Verrassing, Persuasion and Dark Horse, Believable and Old Gold

Half Past Midnight and Believable, Blackwatch and Believable, Ebony and Into the Void

If you see a combination you like in this post and would like to place an order, please go to the Wild Silk page here and add the appropriate yarn to your cart. If the yarn is no longer showing on the page then it is sold out. Many of the colors we feature are Wild Irises, colors that are dyed when Babs is playing with color and that cannot be repeated. Hopefully if the combination you like is no longer available you'll find one you like even more in a future update!

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