Neutra MKAL Color Combinations

Neutra MKAL Color Combinations

As you may know, we love a good Mystery Knit-A-Long! When Jenny F asked if we would be interested in providing yarn for her 2021 MKAL we jumped at the chance, and after much discussion we came up with the Draconis Gradient Set, plus Frozen as the Main Color, for Jenny's shawl. The Neutra MKAL pattern is now available for pre-order on Ravelry. (And will be available on Jenny's website after the MKAL is over.)


But one option for a MKAL just isn't enough, so of course we have spent the past few weeks playing with colors and coming up with alternate options to present to the MKAL participants. 

While it is a mystery at the moment, we do know that the Gradient Set and the Main Color skeins need to have plenty of contrast. With that in mind, we've dyed up several of our tonal gradient sets and had a little too much fun coming up with possible Main Color options!

Since we couldn't add all of them as products to our Neutra page, we decided to list all the combinations we came up with here for your viewing pleasure. If you like one of the combinations that isn't on the Neutra page you can easily purchase the Gradient Set and Main Color separately. 

Finally, if you'd like even more options, the sets we put together for the Knights Who Say Knit include the same amount of yarn - they'll just have a different look. 

On to the photos!

Orion + Goldenrod
Orion + Fleur de Sel

Adobe + Old Gold
Adobe + Ground Anise

Old Gold + Pallon Beach
Old Gold + Lilacs
Old Gold + Spiny

Canis Major + Quicksilver
Canis Major + Filigree

Dunk + Dark Adobe
Dunk + Valiant Grapes
Dunk + Filigree

Ivy + Cat Tail
Ivy + Chalcedony
Ivy + Dahlia

Pegasus + Relaxation
Pegasus + Lotus
Pegasus + Spiked Punch

Death By Chocolate + Oregon Mist
Death By Chocolate + Forever
Death By Chocolate + Softly

Vineyard + Palm Valley
Vineyard + Flummery
Last but not least, if none of these combinations particularly strike your fancy, we're here during the week for color choice help via email and phone - we love helping you choose colors!
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