New and Featured Colors for Fall 2018

New and Featured Colors for Fall 2018

Our Fall 2018 pattern collection was inspired by images of the world's most beautiful libraries, filled with soft light, rich leather bindings, gleaming wood, and cozy seating. The colors we've developed and chosen for Fall 2018 reflect these spaces. They're complex, rich colors at medium intensities that will show textured knitting at its best. 

First, the new monochromatic colorways:
Bankers Lamp colorway
Bankers Lamp
Bankers Lamp is the brightest and clearest color for Fall, a brilliant true green that was made to match the old-fashioned green glass shades of banker's lamps. This green is sure to make other colors really pop in colorwork.

Beryl colorway
We love jewel tones! Beryl is a medium green tempered with hints of teal and gray, making it very wearable. It's a complex color that will have a lot of depth in the finished knitting.


Caramel colorway

Not tan, not orange, not pumpkin... Caramel is buttery and warm, perfect for cozying up in.

Catherine colorway
Developed as a color to represent Catherine the Great, Catherine is a super-saturated dark burgundy red. Lavish, velvety, and fit for a queen!

Cordovan colorway
Inspired by penny loafers and leather chairs that you can't help but curl up in, Cordovan is a deep reddish purple-brown that will be a little different on every base.

Dark Parchment colorway
Dark Parchment
Dark Parchment was developed for some spring color combinations, but we love this saturated neutral taupe both on its own and in combination with other shades.

Kernel colorway
Kernel is a transitional color from the Sunflowers Gradient Set, a light gray touched with a hint of yellow. Is it neutral? Is it grellow? Whichever it is it will stand apart from other grays.

Lycan colorway

Lycan is our wolf gray, a warm medium tone with hints of brown.

Old Gold colorway
Old Gold

Rich and different on all the bases, Old Gold is treasure chest gold leaning toward brown.

Pallon Beach colorway
Pallon Beach
Pallon Beach is one of the middle colors from the Dunk Gradient Set, a soft and calm oceanic green with blue tones.


Stowaway colorway

Stowaway is a grayed, weathered medium navy blue. It can be lighter or darker, depending on the type of yarn we dye it on.

Suspense colorway

Suspense is a twilight blue with hints of teal.

And it's also time for new Babettes! Babs has been working with new dyes, combinations, and techniques to develop four new repeatable variegated colorways.

Almost Paradise on a variety of different yarns
Almost Paradise
In Almost Paradise, we've taken a mossy golden bronze and let it play with ballpoint-pen ink blue and deep raspberry, with lots of spaces for the colors to interact and blend.

Chances Are colorway on a variety of different yarns
Chances Are
Chances Are... you'll like this one. Lots of cool colors harmonize well here: pine green, teal, blue, and shades of grape purples.

Goblins and Ghouls colorway
Goblins and Ghouls

Goblins and Ghouls, developed for Halloween and grellow fiends, features funky acid yellow, shades of cool gray-blue deepening to black, and greens where they come together.

Rainbow Jasper on a variety of yarns
Rainbow Jasper
Some rocks are more exciting than others! Spice up your earth tones with Rainbow Jasper, a blend of rosy salmon and gold, overlaid with deep purples and browns.
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