New Babettes Spring 2019

New Babettes Spring 2019

We are delighted to announce five new Babette (repeatable) colorways for Spring and Summer 2019. Each of these colorways features a semisolid or gently variegated base color, and each is randomly speckled with coordinating and contrasting shades. All of the colorways will work up into a fabric that reads visually as a semisolid, but will have more interest as you look closer. We hope you enjoy these new colorways!

World in a Book 

World in a Book starts with a clear bright sky blue, speckled randomly with shades of blue and purple.

Mix Tape

Mix Tape has a base of variable shades of clear lavender purple, speckled randomly with greens and blues.

Dancing Spirit

Dancing Spirit is a bright blend of peachy orange and hot pink, speckled randomly with green and brown.


Wandflower starts with a base of pale yellow-green, speckled randomly with dark green and shades of purple. 

Tuscan Sun

Tuscan Sun starts with a soft, warm yellow-orange, speckled randomly with orange and deep green.

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Your new Babettes are all just beautiful!! So glad they are repeatable.


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