New Samples in Laurel Falls

New Samples in Laurel Falls

We wanted to explore the full potential of our new sport weight yarn, Laurel Falls, and so we've knitted it up in lots of different ways! We had to recreate a few of our favorite samples that were originally made in Yummy 3-Ply, plus some other popular designs.

Andrea Mowry's The Traveler hoodie is a great use of the bouncy softness of Laurel Falls. We knit ours in Dark Andromeda, one of our very favorite reds.

We also had to play with stranded colorwork in our sample of Jupiter Crop, designed by Caitlin Hunter. The feather motifs are fun! We knit ours in Blue Slate, White Peppercorn, Muslin, Quicksilver, and Espresso.

The Shift cowl by Andrea Mowry is a great way to play with nearly any combination of colors. The textured slipped-stitch colorwork is simple and quick to do. We knit ours up in Carmen, Sagrada, and Fleur de Sel.

Of course we know sometimes it's best to keep it simple. Lisa Hannes' Silverleaf shawl is a great two-skein project with straightforward garter stitch and eyelets, plus a beautiful leafy lace at the end. Ours is in Stonewashed.


Amy Christoffers' Pressed Flowers Cardigan has been hugely popular. We have re-created our Spice Market Gradient Set with speckles, now called Spice It Up - Gradient Sets in Laurel Falls are coming soon!

In the Stacks, designed by Jennifer Weissman, was one of our most popular patterns in Yummy 3-Ply and we had to remake it for Laurel Falls. It's knit in Suspense.

Aliso Creek Top, a simple tee with a textured yoke design, is part of the great Vernal collection by Irina Anikeeva. Our Laurel Falls sample is knit in Carnelian.

Veronica designed the Shell Steps Cowl, a one skein pattern, in Boysenberry. There's a little to do on every round, and it's a nice soft accessory to try out the yarn.

Ivy loves knitting hats, and knit up Alicia Plummer's Kindreth hat in Rigel. The cables really pop!

We'll have our new Laurel Falls samples at DFW Fiber Fest, fibre space, and Rhinebeck for you to see in person this fall!

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