New Year - Some New Prices

New Year - Some New Prices

Yes, you are seeing some new prices on our website. The last general increase in our prices was about 4 years ago. There have been no real adjustments in that period of time, but we have seen increases during this time in the prices of our yarns from our wholesalers and the mills. This past year has especially seen some significant jumps that mean we can no longer absorb all of the price increases.

Worldwide demand for fine wools from Merino and Bluefaced Leicester sheep breeds and cashmere fibers has been increasing over the past 10 or so years, but especially in the last couple of years. I think this means that there are even more knitters in the world and even more people who appreciate fine wools. And while I can't see that as a bad thing in general, it does mean there is more competition for fibers in the world wool and fiber pools. The result is increased prices.

Throughout the years, our mission for Miss Babs has been to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. We want our customers to feel that they have received value for their dollars.

Thank you for your continued support over the years. We are grateful for your business and we are glad to get to be a part of your creative process!

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