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I have made a decision. That decision is that we will not be attending Vogue Knitting Live in New York next week as planned. When you initially make plans, you envision that all will flow nicely into achieving those things.

However in early fall my other full time dyer had to start working half days due to family commitments. In late fall 2017 and through our Christmas season there has been a perfect storm of staff sickness and absences which has meant that the Miss Babs studio has not been fully staffed most of December into January.

The result of this is that we have not been able to create the yarns needed for the full presentation at VKL as we had planned. And there simply has not been enough time on this side of Christmas to finish creating those yarns. For this reason, we cannot present a cohesive and complete selection which is always my standard and expectation.

It has been a tough decision since we were truly looking forward to attending the show, but we have finally realized that we simply can’t attend with an array that we would feel comfortable with.


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So understandable. We all want to think we can go, go, go…reality is no, no, no.


Family first. I love that about your company! To have such wonderful product made with love that is what is important! Thank you for putting people first!❤️

Claudia S

I am not sure why some have to be negative! My mother always said circumstances alter cases! I was lucky enough to find Miss Babs a year ago, and have been utterly delighted with not only the product, but the customer service and care. Cut them some slack Lynne!

Francine Williams

I’m so sorry – I was looking forward to seeing you there! Please try again next year.


I get it! Miss Babs is a family! When family sees that the future plans are not favorable for its members changes need to be made. Good for you for putting family first!! No sense in making sick people work extra hard, over the holidays nonetheless, to get to VKL! sick, grumpy, and impatient!!! Who wants that!!
I am relieved to hear that everyone is doing well and that you’ll be back to doing what you love!
I wish you nothing but the best in the new year… now back to knitting my Yowza Shawl!!


I am sad several people left negative comments. You made the right descision. There are moments in life when you have to make the hard decision. Also due to privacy rules VKLV really couldn’t put up a reason you were not there.
This comment was uncalled for: “ I understand you think you always need to be at your best, but not showing up also sends a message, one which is not in your interests”
You maybe could have posted on Instagram that you would not be attending but you dont owe any one a explicit reason. The comment about not being in your interest is laughable because if you had a large booth and could only fill half of it this person and others might have thought that you didn’t care. You cared enough to DO IT RIGHT and I applaud you for doing it.

And I have to say it “it’s only yarn”, not that it’s not gorgeous yarn. Plus given the weather you might not have gotten home easily.

Also this is probably the biggest Vogue show in the US but the biggest yarn show in the US is Stitches West. Plus there are so many shows it’s not like you don’t have other options.
You’ve had a rough year. I hope things get better.
PS. I am off to order one of your new gradient ❤️❤️


Miss Babs, We all missed you! I was so looking forward to seeing your lovely Yarns in person, but I sure understand the production issues. Hopefully, you will join all of us at Vogue next year! ??

Lorraine Fleck

I missed you at VKL this weekend, but totally understand your situation. I hope you and all your wonderful staff are feeling better. See you in Maryland!


While I am glad to have purchased more of your yarn online prior to VKL in order to miss the lines, you were so missed. I looked for your booth on Friday in order to say hello (and probably purchase more LOL). However, I am a fan and respect your decision plus I remember how at Rhinebeck despite the pressure and stress, you and your whole team were so gracious and cheerful, so I will write now what I would have told you in person. Hugs and kisses from the Bronx and wishing you all a wonderful, healthy, prosperous 2018!


Was wondering what happened. Glad to hear you and your staff are safe and sound! See you next time. Have a Happy Healthy 2018.


You were missed. But I can certainly understand your decision not to show. Happy New Year to you and your staff. See you at Rhinebeck!

Lynne Hannmann

I understand what you said, but backing out of a show as prominent as VKL was very disappointing and left me with ambivalent feelings about your decision. There was no explanation given at the show which left people wondering. I understand you think you always need to be at your best, but not showing up also sends a message, one which is not in your interests.


So sorry you couldn’t make it. We are at VKL missing you. Hope everyone is better and hope to see you at Rhinebeck.


As a small business owner, I understand that sometimes making a tough decision is best for the business and staff in the long run.
So I am here at VKL. I missed seeing you and your lovely yarns.
Catch you sometime this year.

Anne Rooney

Take care of yourselves!

Margaret T

Please look after yourselves and hopefully the coming months will be better for everyone. Right now there is the flu and a stomach bug going around, so take time for yourselves. You all mean so much to us.

Carol Ransom

I’m so sorry you will not be at VKL, but understand you have a standard you adhere to and could not lower that standard. Will look forward to seeing you in Rheinbeck!! Hope you and your staff will have a Healthy and Happy New Year.


I’m so disappointed! I didn’t check out your gratitude sale for the same reason as Karol, above. But…. I’ll get over it. Unfortunately, I can’t attend Rhinebeck because of work… I’m sure this was a very tough call. I respect having high standards and not wanting to “throw something together” for a major event. Wishing you and your staff good health and easier trails. Hope our paths cross at some point…. have seen wonderful projects made with your yarn.


I was looking forward to seeing you at VKL, but understand your decision not to come. Hoping you and your wonderful staff have a healthy happy New year. See at Rhinebeck!!!


So sad to hear. You will truly be missed. See you in Rhinebeck!


I am sorry to hear that you won’t be attending. However, it sounds as if you and your staff have been through quite a lot.
Wishing you all a healthier year in 2018

Julie Gaddy

Always tough to change a “big decision”. I know I personally always feel better when the agonizing is over and the decision is made. Brava to you for facing the fact that pushing to make this happen would have resulted in unnecessary stress on you and yours…and we’ll all be there to support you at your next event appearance.
In the meantime, have a wonderful 2018 and enjoy its beginning weeks with friends and family.


I’ll miss seeing you and your wonderful staff, as well as the beautiful yarn. I do understand and appreciate your decision to do what is best for you. I’ll just have to save my “wants” and “needs” for MS&W!


It is wise of you to recognize the situation, and to act upon it.

Do what you know to be right.

Lovely yarn will appear once again!

You folks give us such pleasure with the yarns you create.

Judy Laquidara

Sounds like a tough decision but I’m betting you’re relieved now that the decision has been made and announced. Good luck to you and your staff in 2018.

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