Ok, So I'm Weird This Way

Ok, So I'm Weird This Way

I don't care if my socks match. I like other things to match, but I really don't care if my hand-knitted socks match.  So, as a way of investigating this further, I started a pair of socks a year or so ago. (Socks are great carry-along projects that I can pick up and put down at any point in the process.)  Each sock is out of a different skein of Masquerade. 

Masquerade is one of those Babettes that is exquisitely frustrating for those who want it to be the same every time...it just isn't. Masquerade is a combination of 5 dye colors, Babs, and temperature at the time of dyeing (yes, heat and cool affect these things). These factors mean that each batch can be significantly different! Most other Babettes are much more predictable, but will still have some differences.

Here are my two socks.


Here is the Sockhead Hat that I have started in what is left from one of the skeins. I have almost finished the brim of the hat. I will add stripes of Eternity with what is left of the skein to finish off the top of the hat. Sockhead Hats are also great take-along projects because you can put them down and then pick them up and just keep going.

This is my Monday silliness for you! 

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Love you Babs , So encouraging I am a person who can barely make two items of exactly the same. Now I have my confidence back to carry one knitting Thanks again for your blog. I called it down-to-earth not silly.

Linda Soo

Back in the 80s, I wore non matching socks as a fashion statement. One day in the 90s I was furiously digging through my sock bin for matching sock. I asked myself why I was doing this? Why not just wear two socks?

It really bugs people when your socks don’t match. I like challenging silly rules.


After years of carefully matching patterns on sock yarn I graduated from identical twins to fraternal twins. It was very liberating & I love the look.

Saffron shipper

There is actually a Rav group for fans of socks that are brothers from different mothers. It’s quite the “thing”. Also, see all the spoiler photos on the Knit Purl Hunter group in Rav under Cableship socks…knit from a skein of Zauberball without regard to matching.

Julie Gaddy

I’m with you, Babs! I intentionally knit my socks differently and have a Mystery Knit Along going right now with Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply (I’m addicted to the texture and the gorgeous colors). I use four colors in different places with different stitches to make a perfectly coordinated UNMATCHING pair of socks! They are so addictive… I’ve started my FIFTH PAIR! Check out the link and join us! There is a link for our Discussion Page in the pattern description that shows progress to date with spoiler alert photos.
Beth Garbo Designs http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/beach-chair-socks-mystery-kal

Beth Garbo

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