On Not Visiting the Studio & Technology Issues

On Not Visiting the Studio & Technology Issues

Frustration for all!

Technology is lovely when it works and when it does what we want and what we have asked it to do. It is frustrating when technology decides to do something we don't want or something we have not asked it to do.

Recently we discovered that Google Maps has added a "location" for us in the middle of downtown Mountain City. The problem that has developed is that a few people have been misled by Google Maps into thinking that this point in downtown Mountain City is our actual location when they entered our business name into the Maps app on their phone. They have come to the appointed spot, and not found us.

This has led to lots of frustration since the phone app has incorrectly indicated that we have a place for them to visit. We have a working studio in Mountain City where all the dye work happens, but no retail space.


A view of the studio from my home

A few years ago, we made the decision to no longer allow visitors to the studio for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons is that it is located at my home, and my husband and I decided for our personal privacy, we no longer wanted visitors coming to our home property.

Another reason is that we work in a very small space that is truly a studio work space, and is very cramped. The overall space dedicated to the business is less than 2000 square feet. There are between 12 and 15 people working in this space on any given day. There is no space for people to view yarn in a store-like manner. And finally, to be perfectly frank, due to the space issues, when someone came to visit almost all work stopped. Having 12-15 people stop working is not economically feasible.

We love our customers. We work hard to make you happy. We want our customers to be happy. But unfortunately, this is one area in which I have to be clear that customers cannot come to visit. And even though Google may say we have a location for you to visit, it is not true.

We are working to get our listing fixed with Google, but we haven't figured it all out yet. If anyone knows more about this than we do, we would love an email with pointers!

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How about a nice custom sign at end of driveway?

Private Drive…No Retail Sales.


It is wise to leave genius at work undisturbed! To satisfy the curious you could – and have – post photos of ongoing work, and that’s lovely. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Brentwood TN!!

Carol High

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