Price Changes are Coming

Price Changes are Coming

We hate to do it, but it's unavoidable: the prices of most (but not all) of our yarns will increase in early January 2022.

The past few years have been challenging for us all. The past 12 months have been even more "interesting" as we have tried to figure out if some of our yarns would even make it to our door.

And now we are finding that prices of so many things are going up everywhere we go - the grocery store, the gas station, and online. In our business, we are seeing prices increase in not just fibers, yarns, dyes, and mordants, but in labor and shipping as well. It is inevitable that the rises in costs will also impact the cost of finished yarns.

We have been hearing from our distributors and mills of current and expected increases throughout the year. We do tend to delay price increases to our customers as long as we can. This means that we have been absorbing price changes from our distributors through the past year or so.

However, price changes will come soon after the first of the year. Some yarns will reflect higher prices than others due to fiber content and other costs such as varying shipping prices. And some yarns will have no change at this time.

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Beautiful Miss Babs yarn is worth whatever price you need to charge. We all understand because we have seen price increases everywhere with all kinds of items. Rock on, Miss Babs! We love you all for your luxurious fiber, your personal and sweet attention to our every order, and your work ethic in everything you do! xoxoxo

Dixie Myers

Babs: Your tarn is literally spiritual! We’ll stick with yall; you’re all artisans. Forge on Miss Babs!

Risë Vandiver

Understood. Price increases are happening everywhere. If you choose to knit with the finest yarn (I do!), you are willing to pay the price. You get what you pay for.

Candy P

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