Rhinebeck 2021 Preview

Rhinebeck 2021 Preview

We are so excited to see you all in person! Heading back feels like revisiting a long-lost friend, but there will be changes (some of which we may not see until we actually get on site), so let's approach these events with an open mind and a glad heart that we're together again. For those who aren't making the trip, we'll see you virtually! 

Our booth is in the same place as before at the back of Building C, booth 32.

Some changes we know of now include: one-way pathways through the barns, booths being spaced 10 feet from each other, and smaller booths. 

To accommodate limited space, we've curated our products to bring you the best of the best! 

Coming to Rhinebeck 

  • TWO show colorways (to be revealed!)
  • Fall 2021 sample garments and accessories
  • Yummy 2-Ply, Yowza, Yowza Minis, Moonglow, and Katahdin 
  • Gradient Sets, Sets for The Knights Who Say Knit, Neutra, and Shawlography
  • Yowza Mini Sets, 3 Toe Sets, and Quartets

There are also Rhinebeck groups on Facebook and Ravelry if you'd like to join the conversation there.

Are you unable to get up to Rhinebeck this year? No worries! The organizers are offering a virtual option, and we will have our virtual booth on Zoom with our studio staff on Saturday, October 16 from 11am to noon EDT! We'll be showing off our show colorways, some recent knit and crochet inspiration, and answering your color and yarn questions. We'd love to see you!

Here is your link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85971511650?pwd=ei90cUZSR3pjU0t1bUNqbS8yK0x5dz09

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