SSK 2017 Preview

SSK 2017 Preview

Is everybody ready to SSK? We're ready to hit the road for Nashville!

We'll be at SSK, the Super Summer Knitogether, this coming Saturday, July 22. We hope to see you there.

Vicki has been packing and hiding away yarn for Y’all for over a week…the stack of boxes has a big “Do Not Touch!” sign on it…and we are starting to wonder if it will all actually fit in the truck!

Here's what we're planning on bringing!

  • Duos and Trios in a variety of yarns for multicolored projects
  • Fade Sets and Joji Starting Point sets, as well as Gradients
  • Yowza
  • Woodbury
  • Our special SSK show colorway
  • Kaweah
  • Yummy 2-Ply
  • Hot Shot
  • Our newest yarn, Estrellita

If we have some nooks and crannies to fill, we will sprinkle in some Stitch Markers, Fleegle Beaders, Cricket Looms, and Stash Blaster Looms. 

Babs has been inspired by a picturesque cabin in the Tennessee woods - and she has dyed a Limited Edition colorway for SSK 2017! This color will be offered on a variety of bases so you can knit/weave/crochet yourself a memory!


Get more information about SSK at their website or check out the Ravelry forum for lots more chatter!

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