The Annual Gratitude Sale - Why and How of It

The Annual Gratitude Sale - Why and How of It

At the end of each year, I take time to review what has happened. In spite of a personally difficult year, I am incredibly grateful for all of you.

I have been dyeing yarn now for 14 years - 11 years full-time. With every other job I have had before I have been bored or exhausted by the monotony of it within 3 years. But with dyeing, I still look forward to creating new color and seeing new combinations. I am still looking for the new methods of dyeing that I want to explore and expand upon. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be a dyer. I still have days when I go "Aha!!"

We've been doing the Gratitude Sale for at least the last 9 years. So why do I do it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it may sound corny, but through the years I have been incredibly grateful for the support of my customers. Without you, there would be no us, no Miss Babs. So in some small way, the sale is a way of saying thank you for your support. It is also a way for some people who like nice yarn, but can't regularly afford it, to make it more affordable to them. 

So with that in mind, from now through the end of the year, everything in stock on the website (excluding gift certificates) is 20% off. 

Thank you.

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Thank You for your gratitude sale! Such a blessing to be able to purchase some of the most beautiful yarn ever! My husband gives me cash for Christmas so that I can get something that makes me HAPPY, I have purchased your yarn for several years now and kept just a bit each year to continue savor the beauty, but I have eventually dug into it to have joy throughout the year!
Again Thank You!

Virginia Erickson

I can’t help but love your yarn. My mom got a Christmas gift made with some beautiful MissBabs and two skeins of her own and she was thrilled. She said she felt like part of the club now; she is so getting skeins of MissBabs for Christmas from now on (she won’t buy it herself lol).

I have two orders in and contemplating a third for a Christmas 2018 gift (cause it’s going to take me that long to make something lacey lol).


I absolutely love your yarns. I’m so sorry about your recent loss, and send you wishes of warmth and wooly peace.


Thanks so much! I have been looking forward to trying your yarns for a while, since I saw you at a festival earlier in 2016, and I “heard” through Facebook that you have a GREAT SALE at the end of the year! Really looking forward to my first purchase… how do people decide????

I sort of feel like I’m joining a cult :)

Carolyn Phillips-Smith

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