The Home Stretch: 1 Week Projects

The Home Stretch: 1 Week Projects

Crunch time!  You know the drill--it's all about projects that can be whipped up in a New York minute, which means either something small or something worked in a thicker yarn.  Of course, we have some suggestions!  

Everyone can use a pair of fingerless mitts!  Veronica Parsons' Slackline Mitts can be knit in a Yowza Mini or a skein of Kunlun, and they look great either in variegated or monochromatic colorways.  The slipped stitch pattern makes for quick knitting and a stretchy fabric. The pattern has three sizes, so there's a good chance they'll fit your recipients' hands. 

Helen in the studio relies on the felted Duffers slippers pattern as a go-to gift for friends and family. Helen uses K2, our thickest yarn, so the knitting goes very quickly. Remember though, these are felted, so leave time for that process!

Babs' Snowblower Hat is also knit in K2 and consists of both cables and plain stockinette--enough texture to keep your mind busy, but not so fiddly as to be annoying. The Snowblower Hat is a free pattern on Ravelry and our website.

If you crochet, we suggest Jennifer Krause's Pixels Cowl--a single skein of K2 in a variegated colorway (shown in Funny Papers) makes for a fun gift.  (Pro-tip: this pattern lets the yarn do all the work--go ahead and work it up in as many colorways as you like--each will look like a completely different gift).

Last minute doesn't necessarily mean less lovely--simple projects that let the yarn do all the work are the way to go!

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