The Weekend Before a Show

The Weekend Before a Show

It's Sunday morning before we leave for a show this week. This is when I figure out what needs to be washed, what needs to be gathered, what is left undone, what will be left undone, make a list, do some of the list, spend some time with family and friends, knit. It's a kind of cram a bit of everything into the day.

The bands of rain from Hurricane Matthew have passed, and the day looks like it will be beautiful! Clear and sunny. The temperatures have dropped a lot since yesterday with highs of low 60's. Autumn is truly on its way. The leaves that I see haven't yet started changing, but maybe when I go to town later today I will see some color. 

Yesterday was a work day, a slow work day for me - but pleasant and made me feel as if I had achieved my goal.  The goal was to get a bit of color on a number of Yowza skeins to add to the range of Babettes for the show. They will dry on Monday, be twisted on Tuesday. 

There will be another blog about what is coming to Rhinebeck tomorrow. 


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