This Week in the Studio - 10.20.16 and Last Weekend at Rhinebeck!

This Week in the Studio - 10.20.16 and Last Weekend at Rhinebeck!

This is one of the two weeks between Rhinebeck and SAFF. It's a week when we're home, but very busy because we are getting ready to head to another show. Today, I will dye the 2016 SAFF colorway which I have had planned for a couple of weeks. We will also dye some colors to fill in colors that sold at Rhinebeck!

Coffee Break drying

We have already started repacking the van and the trailer with yarn and other goodies to head to SAFF (the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) in Asheville, NC. The show is October 28 through 30 this year. SAFF is a great show and this will be our twelfth year!

Yarn waiting to be packed

What this week also brings for me is thoughts about our customers and how grateful I am for you and how special Rhinebeck was this year. I know the line was long and that we sold a lot of yarn (and that was really wonderful), but that is not what I am talking about here.

I was so delighted at how happy everyone seemed to be. At how pleasant and excited everyone was - not just about yarn, but simply about having a special weekend filled with fiber and friends. We saw a lot of people at the show and only had 2 very minor unpleasantries out of the whole weekend. People were patient, people were fun, people were enjoying themselves. How wonderful that is!

Thank you for being you! 


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And thank you for being YOU! The patience and cheerfulness of you and your staff is what makes Miss Babs so special….and of course your GORGEOUS yarn!!!!!

Joan horn

What a wonderful time! Loved your 2016 Rhinebeck colorway. When I look at it, it reminds me of a special time with friends, sharing a love of craft and community. Thank you, Miss Babs, for your part in the joy!

Liz Nardone

No, Miss Babs, you have it wrong. Thank YOU for being YOU!


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