Travel! Yay!

Travel! Yay!

Yes! This summer is looking good for travel, and won't it be lovely to visit old friends and familiar places? We are so lucky as knitters and crocheters that our hobbies are so portable. For many of us, even the transportation (planes, trains, or automobiles) to our ultimate destination provides valuable stitching time.

What makes a good travel project though? For some, it's ease of knitting or crochet (no complicated stitchwork), for others it's portability (no multi-pieced garments or huge afghans), and for others, it's the perfect opportunity for gift projects (hello hats, cowls, mittens, and socks!).  

We've rounded up some of our favorite travel projects--and look forward to seeing yours!

Babs: Socks are my travel go-to. Easy to pack, easy to pick up after putting down. I'm currently working on three separate pair--just a basic sock pattern--and they all fit in my travel bag. Babs' socks are on Putnam in both the Hydrangea Bouquet and Daisies colorways. If you're looking for a free basic vanilla sock pattern, try Pedestrian

Helen: I'm always working on socks because I can knit on them while chatting/traveling/whatever-ing. Often though I do carry along some more interesting projects for when my family is doing something outdoors and I'm enjoying the indoors.

Jennifer: My current travel project is Casapinka's Blanket of Calm. It's a crochet project, and it's quick and easy. I like to take crochet with me when I travel because if my hook falls out, there's only one stitch to pick up. (note: Jennifer's using scraps of Yummy 2-Ply from her stash).

Veronica: I'm on "Team Socks," too! I'm working on the Speckled Space Socks, but have modified them to be top down (instead of toe-up). My sock drawer might be full, but these will make a nice gift. I'm using Putnam in Spotted Flowers.

Paige: I'm the outlier; I like knitting sweaters all year round.  For travel though (especially summer travel), I prefer to use Moonglow since it's so lightweight and compact.  I'm working on Ranunculus with Yet (Fleur de Sel) and Moonglow (Oyster) together.

Ivy: I love knitting hats (and giving them as gifts). You can see I'm ready for my next trip with the Sockhead Hat. (Ivy's using Keira in Beautiful Dreamer).

Shannon is totally hooked on crochet!  Here's her latest granny square triangle shawl, in Yummy 2-Ply (in an out-of-stock Wild Iris). 

In the spirit of portability, we have some suggestions for travel projects.

First up is Babs' Mash It Up hat--this will make great use of all those bits and bobs you have left over from all those 2020 knitalongs.    

knit hat

The Origin Hat (from Jessie Ostermiller) has a simple stitch pattern (easy to memorize) and would look great in monochromatic or speckled yarn. (pro-tip: make a pom-pom out of other scraps in contrast color!) 

Cowls are another great go-to for travel. Jennifer's got two great designs--one for crochet, and one for knitting, and both patterns are free downloads. The Pixels Cowl makes best use of our variegated colorways with crocheted linen stitch, and works up fast in K2.

The Pillowy Cowl combines Yowza mini skeins with luscious Moonglow--the yarn does all the work in this project. We have sets for it here.

Where are you off to this summer, and what's in your project bag?

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