Vacation is Coming, but Before That!

Vacation is Coming, but Before That!

Vacation Week aka Studio Shutdown is coming! We'll be out for the week of June 17-22. We do this every year. We all go do something other than work at the studio. Some of us will vacation, some of us will staycation, some of us will do things that just need to be done that don't get at other times of the year! 

BUT...before we go away we have a lot of dyeing and toeing and bagging and shipping to do for Casapinka's Perfect Blend MKAL. Our plan is to get some of the Perfect Blend Sets out earlier than we committed to before vacation, so that we can get some of the next sets out before the date they are due. 

So most everyone in the studio is working on this project because that is what it takes to get the yarn out to you! and on time!

What else is going on? Well, believe it or not, we're doing the photo shoot for our fall collection this week. We have models who are committed to acting as if it is cold outside! The lead time for pattern collections is pretty interesting. This collection is actually on a shorter timeline than some. The designers submitted design ideas in February; we selected designs in late February; the designers knitted their designs in April; tech editing occurred in May and June; photography in June; test knitting has been occurring during the last month. And everything will be put together in patterns in July for release over the month of August and early September. 

There is a lot that goes into pattern design by the individual designers, and a lot that we do when putting together a collection. We are committed to supporting designers as much as we can, and it's always fun to partner with other creative people!

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Thank you for your graciousness, and the beautiful yarn-crack!

Betty Penick

I must say I agree with tam. This site will definitely get my business. ❤️ Lovely colors in these sets!


Thank you for you statement on IG. I have never bought your yarns begore but I am going to be looking at new yarn companies to order from in light of recent events. I will be following you and planning future orders.


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