Whoo! It Was A Hard Winter!

Whoo! It Was A Hard Winter!

All I can say is "Thank God it is Spring!" I am so happy to see green stuff coming fully alive, and to think that I can actually plant something and it won't be hammered by snow and frosts.

This winter was especially hard because it seemed like there was less sun than normal, and I was really paying attention to being alone. I also had a lot of company and then a fair amount of travel...there never seemed to be enough time for me to be alone and to do real thinking. I could go on whining, but there is no real value in doing so, and YAY!! Winter is over!!  

What I can also say is that I feel like I am really coming out of the worst of the grieving and sadness over my husband Ron's death. I spent a little time talking to a grief counselor recently, and the most important thing I learned is that I am in transition - and that I am right on time. The important thing about being in transition is that I don't have to know where I am headed/going, I just have to be right where I am. I can live a day at a time and the transition and its results will reveal itself to me at some point. I do need to pay attention...which I am doing with daily journaling again, which I had quit doing when Ron got really sick.

Another sign that I am coming round is that I had a really great time at Maryland Sheep and Wool. The rain held off, the temperatures were great, and people seemed really comfortable and happy. The pacing of customers in the booth and in line at the show was great. It never got crazy with long lines, but was nice and steady so I had the opportunity to really chat with people and take some selfies and talk about what has happened for them in the past year, and so on. I got to see some great projects that people had completed, and that is always fun.

Booth at MDSW


Gratuitous MDSW Sheep Shot

My sage is still green, but the buds are getting fuller every day and will be bursting into purple soon. 

And finally I want to thank all of you! who have supported me through this time with prayers, kind words, and just good thoughts. Thank You!! And may we all have a wonderful spring and enjoy the new green and flowers coming on all around us.

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Dear Miss Babs,

I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I didn’t make it to MD Sheep and Wool as I couldn’t get away from work. Hopefully I will make it next year.


Kathy Goodman

Dear Miss Babs,
I am deeply sorry your husband, Ron, passed away. My heart hurts for you. We have never met you, yet I feel I know you through our emails and your beautiful yarn. You are wise to consult with a counselor who specializes in the grieving process. Everyone grieves differently, as I’m sure you know. It’s comforting to be validated and encouraged during the stages of grief. I will keep you in my prayers. I want you to know I love your yarn and I’m working joyfully on my Opaline Wrap. Your yarn brings beauty into my life and many many hours of knitting fun. God bless you always! You certainly bless so many others.
Almedia Grant

Almedia Grant

Miss Babs,
Thanks for coming again this February to Stitches West. My daughter (from Vermont) and my granddaughter (from Maine) flew out to come to the show with me as I had been raving about your booth for years. They roamed the booths, coming back to your yarn twice, and finally purchased from you, as I did. Excitement all around as needles began clicking the next day. Hope to see you again next year!

Joyce Correia

Miss Babs,
I’m so glad your “feeling” better! Grieving is a process and each person’s time in grief is different! I’m so thankful for you and your yarns! Please keep going…. for all of us who adore your yarns and colors! ❤️
I’m so sorry to miss your Trunk Show in Abingdon VA this year, but i now live in Ala. Maybe sometime in the future in Nashville!
Muscle Shoals, Ala

Cindi Roy

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. May the changing of the seasons bring you peace.
Thanks for all your good work.
Many blessings

Elaine Egidio

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