Winter 2021 Pattern Collection Part 2

Winter 2021 Pattern Collection Part 2

In this post, we want to show off the beautiful interplay of colors and textures from the designs in our Winter 2021 pattern collection, so buckle up and enjoy the close-ups!

You can find more information and photos on Ravelry or our Project Gallery. If you missed it, you can see the rest of the designs in our blog post for Part 1 of the Winter 2021 Pattern Collection!

Basketweave Sweater by Rachel Gollub

sweater with yarn

Rachel Gollub's Basketweave Sweater is an oversized, easy-to-wear pullover that is destined to become your next favorite sweatshirt. The easy-to-memorize basketweave pattern showcases variegated yarn beautifully and creates a cozy, plush garment. It is a seamless, bottom-up construction with set-in sleeves and I-cord edging. It is designed to have a relaxed fit; if you like a more form-fitting style, drop down a size.

The Basketweave Sweater pattern is available on Ravelry. Our sample is knit in Katahdin in Terra

Bee Loved by Jennifer Weissman


Blossoms and bees share a precious relationship. As flowers offer bees nectar and pollen to feed their colonies, bees help plants reproduce by ferrying pollen from flower to flower.

Bee Loved celebrates this blossom and bee symbiosis with slip-stitch honeycomb cells and tiny dots of pollen (that won’t make you sneeze). This sport or fingering weight scarf is knitted from one pointed end to the other and is a great way to showcase a gorgeous skein of variegated yarn.

Bee Loved is available on Ravelry. We have two samples - one knit in Yummy 3-Ply in Imperial and Spotted Flowers, and one in Yummy 2-Ply in Franklin and Mantis.

Floral Fade by Stephanie Lotven

As winter fades away, sweet blooms and new growth pops up everywhere. The Floral Fade cowl is a celebration of the joyful transition from winter to spring. Worked in a gradient of mini-skeins, this little cowl is color-play delight.

Floral Fade is worked seamlessly in mostly garter stitch from the top-down, and to reduce the number of purl stitches, inside out. The lace border is knit at the end, and adds a touch of sparkle to this dazzling little accessory. As you pack away your winter coat, grab knitting needles, and get ready for spring with the Floral Fade.

Floral Fade is available on Ravelry and the designer's website. The sample was knit in Yummy 2-Ply Toes in Hollyhock, Ergosphere, and Foxglove.

Forsythia Stole by Nadya Stallings

The Forsythia Stole features two distinct lace patterns of differing scale, creating an accessory that showcases the beauty of the yarn. When worn as a scarf, the forsythia lace panels stand out. When worn as a wrap, the middle section of twisted lace shines.

This rectangular wrap is worked in two panels lengthwise, then they are grafted. Each panel begins with a wide Forsythia Lace border. The center portion of the stole is worked in Twist Lace Stitch.

The pattern is available on Ravelry. The sample is knit in Yearning in Sunny and it's shown here with Fig and Stonewashed.

Lisse by Susanna IC

Inspired by the stunning tulip fields of Lisse in the Netherlands and spring flowers in general, this generously sized shawl provides interesting lace textures and a burst of vibrant color suitable for any season.

The lace pattern is simple, worked only on the right side of the project with purled wrong side rows, and the straight sides are worked with yarn over edging for easy blocking. The solid tulip motifs are combined with a simple geometric lace background, which provides visual interest on both sides of the shawl. In addition, optional beads are placed along the bottom edges for a bit of sparkle reminiscent of dew drops on flower petals.

Lisse is available on Ravelry.  Our sample is knit in Katahdin in Spotted Flowers, and shown with Cygnus.

Optimism by Lana Jois

A relaxing garter stitch shawl is livened up by an interesting construction, pretty daisy chains and lovely colors! This large yet light wrap is an easy yet fun knit!

The triangular shawl is worked sideways beginning at one tip. Increases at the edges and decreases at the center give it its asymmetric triangle shape. All pattern instructions are both charted or written.
While working the lace section, the unused yarn may be carried up the side of the work by twisting around the working yarn.

The Optimism Shawl pattern is available on Ravelry, and knit in Tarte in Sunny and Lotus

Refracted Twilight by Lisa K. Ross

As the sun goes down in the evening, the world is bathed in the glow of Refracted Twilight. This design uses mini skeins to play with the gradient colors of evening illumination, highlighted against the deep blue of the night sky. Lace chevrons dance their way across this asymmetric triangular shawl, which drapes beautifully across the shoulders when worn creating the perfect accessory for any time of day.

The Refracted Twilight pattern is available on Ravelry and the designer's website. The project is knit with a Yummy 2-Ply Gradient Set, McHale's and Fun Fair.

Superbloom Cowl by Veronica Parsons


Bold bands of color in this large, warm cowl will brighten up your winter wardrobe. This cowl is a long loop knit in the round and then joined together. The stitch pattern uses only one color at a time; the chevron effect is made with slipped and dipped stitches.

The Superbloom Cowl pattern is available on Ravelry and PayHip. Our sample is knit in a Yowza Mini Set of Six in Cascara, Rainforest, By the Sea, Sweet Pea, Princess Party, and Whitsunday. 

Wild Flower Box Top by Elizabeth Beach

The Wild Flower Box Top is that perfect transition garment--adding warmth without bulk. Roomier than a vest, but with shoulder shaping to keep it in place, this lacy box top takes the chill off a late winter/cool spring day.

Knit Katahdin (in the Thistledown colorway) from the top down this garment features a V neck, shoulder shaping, open arms and lots of positive ease. Perfect to throw on when there’s a chill in the air and looks great over leggings, jeans or even a casual dress.

The Wildflower Box Top pattern is available on Ravelry.

Thanks for taking a peek at our Winter 2021 pattern collection!

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