Winter 2022 Pattern Collection Part II

Winter 2022 Pattern Collection Part II

In case you're not suffering from startitis yet, here are the remaining seven patterns in our Winter collection.  Each of these is a perfect project to beat back those winter doldrums, and would also work as a transitional piece for the early spring.

Metaphorical Jacket by Helen Cosgrove-Davies

Knitting lends itself well to metaphors. From the slow progress of individual stitches joining together into a beautiful, large piece of fabric to the subsequent rows building up and depending on the rows before, the act of knitting is comparable to many incremental tasks. The physical manifestation of love each project represents also lends itself to many different metaphors.

The Metaphorical Jacket is made from three simple pieces: a big rectangle for the back and two rectangles with V-neck shaping for the front. It is a perfect example of how expressive simple shapes and patterns can become in the hands of a knitter.

Metaphorical Jacket is knit in Yearning, in the color Metaphorical, and the pattern is available on Ravelry, Payhip, and Lovecrafts

Sun and Shade by Emily Wood

Emily Wood's Sun and Shade Stole features bright beams of sunlight that alternate with streaks of dappled shade. Sun and Shade combines lacey zigzags with sections of easy mosaic knitting. Perfect for pairing a full skein of a main color with a gradient set, this project offers endless possibilities for choosing colors, from high-contrast arrangements to subtle ombré effects. ⁠

Sun and Shade is shown here in Yummy 2-Ply in Pewter, paired with the Sun and Shade Gradient Set. You can find Sun and Shade on Ravelry, and it's 20% using the code SUNSHADE through Sunday, Feb 13⁠.
Gzhel Wrap by Alina Appasova

Gzhel is an ornate mosaic wrap, inspired by the beauty of traditional Russian handcraft of making porcelain and pottery items—dishes, tiles, and other decorative elements. Gzhel painting is distinguished by blue and white patterns that often incorporate flowers.

Gzhel wrap is worked on the bias in a mosaic pattern, which makes it fun to knit and easy to wear. The pattern has fully written row-by-row instructions and charts. The size of the shawl is easy to adjust both in width (by casting more or fewer stitches) and in length (by working more or fewer main body repeats). The pattern is very versatile and can be worked on a variety of bases, from fingering to DK weight.

This sample is knit in Yummy 2-Ply in White Peppercorn and Sapsucker (Red).  Gzhel can be found on Ravelry, and is 20% OFF with code STAYWARM until 11:59pm (CT) on February 20, 2022⁠.


Colors by Susanna IC

Everyone needs a little color in their life and this sweater fits the bill!

Susanna IC's Colors is a comfy pullover worked in smooth stockinette stitch with vibrant insets of mosaic colorwork along the lower body and the upper sleeves. Size inclusive, this pullover has a raglan yoke and is without waist shaping, making it appropriate and flattering for women and men. The simple stockinette and vivid mosaic create an interesting interplay of colors and subtle textures, and help make this an engaging project with minimal finishing.

Colors is available on Ravelry, and knit in Yowza in Oxidized Silver and three Yowza Minis (shown here in Cassiopeia, Spotted Flowers, and Sugar).


Granny Rectangle Scarf by Jennifer Krause

Jennifer Krause came up with this delightful crochet Granny Rectangle Scarf as the perfect antidote for our Yowza Mini sets. The simplicity of the crochet stitch lends itself to letting the yarn shine, and we think this wrap would look great in a Wild Iris or even a scrappy project!⁠

The Granny Rectangle Scarf is shown here in our Arboreal Set which includes the following colors:⁠ Cumin, Carnelian, Londontowne, Aubergine, Bougainvillea, and Sagrada. You can find the FREE pattern on Ravelry.


Chill Out Wrap by Betsy Beach

Betsy Beach created her Chill Out Wrap as a relaxing, soothing knit, one that allows the knitter to completely "chill out" during the process--minds are free to wander, and hands are on autopilot. Short rows of garter stitch interspersed with a “gosh, that’s simple” lace pattern produces a wrap that is geometrically interesting and pleasing to the eye.

This is a take-to-knitting club, knit-on-a-trip, no-stress kind of project. Even the short row turns are no fuss. After binding off the last two stitches, you’ll have a classic rectangular wrap that allowed you to chill out while knitting and is substantial enough to keep the chill out when there’s a nip in the air!

Chill Out is knit in Yowza (shown in Eastern Bluebird), and the pattern is available on Ravelry.


Forest Dwellers by Jill Thompson Beach

Jill Thompson-Beach designed Forest Dweller to have the feel and texture reminiscent of the the trees around us. This cropped cardigan has a lichen-inspired center motif running down the back panel and mirrored, twisted stitch patterns on either side which gives the piece a weathered, bark-like effect. Forest Dweller is a drop shoulder cardigan and would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Forest Dweller is knit in Killington (shown here in Tasman), and is available on Ravelry, and get 20% off with code ForestLove now through Feb 28th!

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