Winter 2024 Pattern Collection Part 1

Winter 2024 Pattern Collection Part 1

Welcome to our Winter 2024 Pattern Collection -- here is the first half of our latest collaboration, with more designs to come in a few weeks. We love teaming up with independent designers to create beautiful, fun, and harmonious color combinations, enhancing the style of every piece.

You can find all the patterns on Ravelry and see more color ideas on our Project Gallery.

City Nights by Michael Harrigan

This rectangular wrap is knit from the bottom edge up in three colors and features two mosaic stitch patterns – Flare and City Lights – bordered by sections of garter stitch eyelets. It's knit in Yummy 2-Ply in Giant Cockle, Pitch, and Salamander.

Nalinne by Kirsten-Michele

Nalinne is a top-down seamless yoke sweater with all over colorwork in a bold, contemporary motif. There are lots of opportunities to play with color here!

Nalinne is knit in Bouganvillea Yowza and Yowza Minis in Turmeric, Dragon Claw, French Marigold, Obsidian, and Echo.

Hellebora by Susanna IC

Hellebora draws inspiration from the winter-blooming Helleborus plant, also known as Lenten Rose,  which symbolizes peace, serenity, and tranquility. The shawl's body, resembling falling snow, combines geometric lines with a simple eyelet pattern for texture on both sides. Its deep border features an intricate lace pattern resembling flower petals. It's knit in super-soft Caroline in Hellebora and Sagrada.


Rivermore by Lana Jois

A combination of cables and lace is used to capture the flow of a river with all its speed, might and bubbly froth. The use of gradient yarns adds to the effect by creating an illusion of flow.

The simply delightful lace in this triangular wrap may be worked from charts or written instructions and is perfect for some relaxed knitting. The pattern is available on Ravelry and it’s knit in one Gradient Set, shown here in Bougainvillea. 

Saguaro Spirit by Jill Thompson Beach

Saguaro Spirit is a modern raglan with a garter stitch and cable motif, inspired by a seventies festival-goer in the American Southwest posing among cacti. The round flowers and ridges of the cactus became the lace and cable motif down the raglans and the garter stitch in between. It's knit in Coastal Fog Laurel Falls.


Ivy Cottage Ruana by Elizabeth Beach

The textures of the Ivy Cottage Ruana evoke braids of ivy twining their way up either side of  diamond lattice windows in a cozy cottage.

The Ivy Cottage Ruana is easy to knit. No cable needles or seaming involved. It’s as easy to wear as it is to knit; just throw it over your shoulders. Embellish with a shawl pin to close the front, belt it, or just let it drape naturally. It's knit in Killington, shown here in Dried Lavender

Arrowsmith by Veronica Ory

Arrowsmith is an exploration of simple geometric forms within a defined space.

This large rectangular wrap is knit in one piece from one end to the other. The lacy arrowhead motifs grow taller and shorter as you knit, and shift in and out over the length of the wrap for more interest. It's knit in Sparkling Sand Katahdin.

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