Winter Weave Along

Winter Weave Along

Starting February 1, we are hosting a casual, come one and all, Winter Weave Along in our Ravelry group. We only ask that you use one of Miss Babs yarns in your project to eligible for a randomly drawn prize (or two!)

We really want this to be about exploration and creativity, so the rest is up to you!

This can be a first project, or a 50th. Use a Zoom Loom, Rigid Heddle, Floor Loom, or Tapestry. Make a scarf, table runner, placemats, mug rug, bathmat, or anything else you can dream up made of cloth that you wove. The selvedges don't have to be perfect. Your fringe can be wonky. We want you to have fun and explore the idea of weaving! Maybe you have questions that are keeping you from that first project... we might be able to help, and we will certainly cheer you on! Weaving could be your new favorite creative outlet! Join us, won't you?

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Oh so beautiful! Greetings from Johnson City!

raquel from JC

These are so beautiful!

Kristie Michalowski

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