Yet & Yearning Love

Yet & Yearning Love

Yet and Yearning are some of the yarns we've had in our lineup the longest. You may not have tried this yarn, and we'd like to show you a few reasons why you should consider it!

First things first - Yet and Yearning are the SAME yarn, in two different skein sizes, 400 yards and 1200 yards. We have two skein sizes for flexibility - maybe you want to make a large lacy project or a sweater - or maybe you want several different colors for a multicolored project.

Yet is a blend of 65% Merino wool and 35% Tussah silk in a 2-ply construction. The spinning is lofty, letting the fibers fluff up a little bit in your knitting and crochet. The silk gives this yarn a nice sheen while the wool (not a superwash) gives it warmth and airiness. Lace blocks out crisply, as you can see in the photo. We like to call Yet and Yearning a "rustic" heavy laceweight yarn, but it is still wonderfully soft!

What else do we love about it? For one thing, it's a very affordable choice. A 400 yard skein is just $18 and a 1200 yard skein is $54 - that's a lot of stitching for less money. 

Possibly the very best thing about Yet and Yearning is how well it wears. Babs is wearing a shawl in this photo that I can't tell you the name of because it's so old we've forgotten - and we no longer dye this colorway! Babs' lace shawl gets  unceremoniously shoved in the closet on a regular basis (sshhhh) and still looks quite nice after 15 or more years of regular wear. 

You can substitute Yet into many fingering weight accessory patterns like shawls and wraps - you may wish to go down a needle size and your finished item may therefore be a little smaller. 

Yet is a hugely versatile yarn, and works well in everything from gentle garter stitch, as in Rennandi
Rennandi - Miss Babs Project

To luscious lace like Canto del Bosco:

To beautiful brioche like the Sea Fan Scarf

To cozy colorwork like the Fair Isle Neck Warmer:

We also love pairing Yet with other bases. Check out Melting Icicles Song for an etherial pairing of Yet and Moonglow: 

or Fiordifelce for a looks-more-complicated-than-it-is paring of Yet and Moonglow:

You can browse other projects made in Yet and Yearning on our Project Gallery. We hope this gives you a few ideas for what you might make with Yet and Yearning!

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