Yowza Mini Trios

Yowza Mini Trios

A question we get a lot: "Does Yowza come in smaller skeins?" 

Now it does! Yowza Mini Trios made their debut at our Rhinebeck and SAFF booths in October. We've created lots of different color combinations for these Trios, and we'll continue to add more online as we continue to dye up these "mini" skeins of Yowza (which are 200 yards, and only mini in comparison with a full-size skein). These small skeins are only available in Trio sets.

Here are some project ideas to get you started...


Confundo by Barbara Benson is a great pattern for these Trios. Cast on a few stitches and work in a soothing texture pattern for a while and then move on to simple slipped stitch mosaic style colorwork with a poppy contrasting color. With mosaic colorwork you are knitting stripes and slipping stitches, never working with more than one yarn on a row. It feels almost like cheating! With some stripes, a few slipped stitches, and easy texture you create something that makes you look like you can work magic! Shown in Carnelian, Rainforest, and Topaz.
Match 3 Hats
Our brains are wired to love things in threes, and we also like to have options! Here is a pattern that does both. Match 3 by Lynn Everett includes three colorwork hat patterns, with options for a ribbed or hemmed edge. Each design is worked in three colors, and is designed in three sizes to fit most everyone. Choose your favorite trio for these fun hats.
No Harm, No Cowl

No Harm, No Cowl by Casapinka is a deceptively simple cowl to knit. Purl an extra round, don’t worry about it, leave one out, no big deal; as they say – no harm, no foul. Knitting should be fun, not about perfection, and you will have fun with this seamless, top down pattern with its constantly changing stitches. It gradually grows to envelop you loosely around the lower part of your neck/upper chest. Shown in Ghoulish, Quicksilver, and White Peppercorn.

The Shift

The pattern above and at the top of the post is The Shift cowl designed by Andrea Mowry, shown in Franklin, Quicksilver, and Rainforest. (Have you been thinking about making Andrea's Nightshift pattern? Two Trios will make it!)

We are also dreaming of cozy mitts... colorwork yoked pullovers... and more! We can't wait to see what you create!

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