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Strickplaner Stickers

Strickplaner Stickers

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Strickplaner Stickers

Three sheets of multicolored stickers to decorate and add to your Strickplaner!

Three Strickmich! Planner Sticker Sheets to use in Strickplaner and other paper planners or on labels, cards etc.

216 stickers on each sheet, including socks, hats, mittens, shawls, scarves, pullovers, cardigans, yarn balls, tapestry needles, crochet hooks, ball winders, swifts, sewing machines, frogs, wash tubs, and spinning wheels

Sheet measures 4.2 x 6.2 inches (10.7 x 15.7 cm)

Each sticker measures 0.2 x 0.2 inches (7 x 7 mm)

Strickplaner not included.

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