Collection: Cape Shoveler

The Cape Shoveler is a dabbling duck native to South Africa. It has a mottled brown body, yellow legs, and metallic blue-green accents on its wings. Our Cape Shoveler colorway pulls together a soft version of these colors with a tan base and golden yellow and teal speckles.

This colorway is a Babette: every skein and every batch is a bit different, but Babs has a method of recreating these artistic colorways. The photograph is an example of representative skeins from this colorway; the skein you receive may differ somewhat. If you have any questions about the color, please give us a call or email to ask for a photo - we are always happy to describe our current batch for you to make sure it meets your needs!

Want to know how this colorway works up? You can browse projects that people have created in Cape Shoveler on Ravelry.


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