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Green Double Wedding Ring 1 Quilt Bin - QB-2405

Green Double Wedding Ring 1 Quilt Bin - QB-2405

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About the quilt pattern: The Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern was first published in the late 1920s, and soon became THE quilt of choice for mothers and grandmothers to make as gifts for family weddings. This is not a simple piece to sew—the intertwined arcs require precision and skill when cutting and sewing.

Quilt bins are your opportunity to store your stash (of any kind) in style! Approximately 9" H x 9"D x 10"W, quilt bins are lined in 12oz canvas and have handles on the inside (for an easy pick up and go!). Perfect for storing kids toys, yarn, various stitching projects, they fit easily on a bookshelf can stand alone on a coffee table.

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