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Spedeweve Style Darning Loom - Notions

Spedeweve Style Darning Loom - Notions

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Small Loom for Mending Holes: Use this tool to repair or refresh your favorite knitwear or woven fabrics. The 14 hook loom is used for fine yarn and repairing thin fabrics such as jeans, T-shirts and thin socks.

Easy to Start Your Weaving: Stretch the fabric over the wood disc, fix the disc and loom in place by using rubber bands, set the starting point of warp and start weaving.

Perfect tool for Visible Mending: It can help you set the warp and weft of various patterns, making artful stitchery.

Package Content: 1 darning loom, 5 rubber bands, 1 hook, 1 darning needle, instruction sheet.

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