Designed by Martina Behm for the 2012 Miss Babs Knitting Tour

Brickless is an asymmetrical, long triangle worked in bands of different, easy stitch patterns that remind one of a city skyline. Berlin in Winter is colder than most other big German cities – when traveling there, a big, cozy shawlette like this will come in handy! The beautiful colors are reminiscent of bright city lights in dark winter nights. The shape of the shawlette is an asymmetrical, long triangle, formed by rows that are getting longer and longer as you go. They are worked in different simple, but very effective patterns that make them look a little like a skyline of tall houses. These skyscrapers are not built with bricks, but concrete and steel – hence the name, "Brickless". And also: No more bricks in the wall that used to divide Berlin.

Brickless Brickless Brickless
Brickless Brickless Brickless

Sample Yarn and Colorway:

We have lots of samples of this fun and versatile project! The original sample was knit in Miss Babs Yowza in the color Berlin, but we also have samples worked in Masquerade and the Cassiopeia Gradient Set.

What You'll Need:

You'll need one skein of Yowza to complete this project. Choose the original colorway below - or try another color! We always have lots of variegated colorways of Yowza, both repeatable Babettes and unique Wild Irises, in stock.


You can purchase the pattern for Brickless directly from the designer on Ravelry.  This pattern may also be found on the Strickmich website. All patterns are sold separately and not included with the purchase of yarn.

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