Growing Native

Designed by Helen Cosgrove-Davies

The leafy and vine-like laces on this rectangular shawl are both distinct and harmonious, just like Helen's native plants. The simple, four-row repeat in the middle of the shawl keeps your eye moving, admiring the time you have spent making something beautiful, while the larger flower-tipped stems on each edge offer a lovely counterpoint. By starting with a provisional cast on, both ends of the shawl are identical without the need for any grafting.

Growing Native Growing Native Growing Native
Growing Native Growing Native Growing Native

Sample Yarn and Colorway:

Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Avon in the Golden Anniversary colorway.

What You'll Need:

You'll need two skeins of Avon to complete this project. Choose the original colorway below − or try another color!


The Growing Native pattern is available on Ravelry. All patterns are sold separately and not included with the purchase of yarn.

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