Super Asymmetry

Designed by Mary Annarella

Super Asymmetry is a Big-Bang-Theory-themed shawl that’s way easier to knit than it looks! It’s constructed from knit triangles that are gradually joined to one another to form a rectangular shawl. The title of the pattern is a nod to one of Mary's favorite sitcoms—The Big Bang Theory. In the recent season 11 finale, a reference is made by the lead character of Sheldon to a novel theory of “Super Asymmetry” when he remarks on the beauty of a bowtie that isn’t perfectly symmetrical. That feels right for this shawl with its asymmetric patterns (different sized peaks and valleys) emerging from symmetric forces (gradients and garter miters.

Super Asymmetry Super Asymmetry - Miss Babs Project
Super Asymmetry Super Asymmetry - Miss Babs Project

Sample Yarn and Colorway:

Our sample was knit in two Gradient Sets, in the Beachcomber and Sea Teal colorways.

What You'll Need:

You'll need two Gradient Sets to complete this project. Choose the original colorways below - or create your own color combination! This pattern can also be completed in a 4-color Yummy 2-Ply Quartet for a different look.


The Super Asymmetry pattern is available directly from the designer on Ravelry. This pattern may also be found on the LoveCrafts website. All patterns are sold separately and not included with purchase of yarn. 

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