The Fool

Designed by Toby Roxanne Barna

Despite negative connotations, in a Tarot deck The Fool is simply a spirit in search of new experiences. Happy-go-lucky and light-hearted, The Fool is the “wild card” of the deck. According to some, The Fool can even represent enlightenment through madness. As a shawl The Fool is a large, shallow triangle with a random purl-ridge pattern that you can make up as you go along for a truly unique garment.

The Fool - Miss Babs Project
The Fool - Miss Babs Project

Sample Yarn and Colorway:

Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Yowza in the Dream Weaver colorway.

What You'll Need:

You'll need one skein of Yowza to complete this project. Choose the original colorway below − or try another color!


You can purchase the pattern for The Fool directly from the designer on Ravelry. All patterns are sold separately and not included with purchase of yarn.

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