Wool and Waves

Designed by Casapinka

What do you call a shawl that you design and knit at the beach, lifting it above blowing sand, and avoiding soda, sunscreen and sandy, wet kids while doing so? Well, "Wool and Waves", of course. This is a large, asymmetric (boomerang) shaped shawl. It's easy and made for relaxed knitting. The colors remind me of waves, sky, beach umbrellas and great times where all I needed were a couple of needles, and some laughter to keep me happy. A Mai Tai wouldn't hurt, either!

Wool and Waves Wool and Waves Wool and Waves Wool and Waves
Wool and Waves Wool and Waves Wool and Waves Wool and Waves

Sample Yarn and Colorway:

Our sample was knit in the Miss Babs Fun in the Sun Gradient Set and Quicksilver Yummy 2-Ply.

What You'll Need:

There is a technique that I used in Painted Windows, where you knit two of the yarns together for a bit - it's subtle and optional. It's not intarsia (but intarsia is awesome and you guys should learn to love it!)


You'll need one Gradient Set and one full skein of Yummy 2-Ply to complete this project. Choose the original colorway below - or try another color combination!

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