Tierno - Alpaca and Silk Luxury Yarn

Tierno is a new yarn for us!  Actually we added this yarn earlier this fall and have only had it available at shows.  Tierno is 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Cultivated Silk.  Each skein has 310 yards and knits at a DK gauge. It is sweetly soft and ideal for those who have wool allergies.

We now have it listed on the website and will be adding more colors and colorways over the next few months.  I knitted a scarf with Tierno using Anne Hanson's Rivolo. It was a pleasant knit, with a lovely feel as it flowed through my fingers.  Alpaca takes the colors in a more muted way, so these yarns have a luscious color softness as well as being soft to the touch.

[caption id="attachment_566" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Rivolo in Lilacs Tierno"][/caption]

We will be giving away a skein of Tierno to a randomly picked person who comments on the blog between now and 12 noon EST on Wednesday, December 15 . 

NOTE:  Your comment should include which color of Tierno you like the best and indicate what you would like to make with it.

And just so you can see what is happening in the mountains of East Tennessee. They have predicted a total of 8 plus inches of snow!

[caption id="attachment_569" align="aligncenter" width="253" caption="Snow and Wind"][/caption]

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rita collie

too many great colors to choose – but since i’m in a green period – Verdegris

Miss Babs

Anita! You are the winner!! We will be contacting you via email. Thanks for entering! Babs

Ruth W

So many lovely yarns to choose from—tough decision. I am in need of some winter gear that actually matches each other :) (hat, scarf, gloves). For that, I’d choose something colorful to brighten up a winter day. ‘Van Gogh’ would do the trick.


I think I would like Field Mouse and would probably make Rivolo. It looks sooo beautiful!


I think the Timberline Shadows is the prettiest and would love to win.

Martha Anderson

Smooch Monotone would make a great Irish Neck warmer.

have a great Christmas!!

Amy Lamash

With all these beautiful colors it was really hard to choose! I think Forever is the colorway I would want should I win. Thanks so much!


Mmmmm, armwarmers! Or maybe a lace scarf, depending on how non-itchy it is. I seem to have a tough time with alpaca on my neck, even when it feels lovely on my hands.

I’d take Bruin, Verdigris or Forever… to many to choose from!!

Amy A

Beautiful stuff! Homebrew is appealing to me but so is Mahagony and so is…Homebrew is my first choice. It should be so soft.

Barclay Dunn

It’s so hard to choose, but I think I would love to knit with Timberline Shadows, and I’d make a Spiralucious (Knitspot) or perhaps a cowl of my own design! :)

Michele L.

I would love to make Anne Hanson’s Butternut scarf with the Blue Teal! Looking forward to seeing you at Stitches West!


Oooh, I’m thinking of making a cowl in Woodland Viola!

Linda E

Frog Belly (love the name!!) would make a lovely moebius cowl.


I pick Obsidian Monochrome and I would knit a one-skein shawl so as not to waste any tiny bit of it.
Thanks for such a generous offer.

Annie Chastain

Chocolate roses would be wonderful in my harf (hat/scarf) pattern that I’m working on writing. It can just imagine how lovely warm I’d be!

Doug Upchurch

Love the idea of the Tierno. I have a good friend that has a wool allergy and so am thinking about a shawl for her out of Tierno. I’m new to Miss Babs and love the Yowza I’ve bought. I really love the color St. Paul’s Cathedral.


I think this is gorgeous. I would knit a beautiful cowl with the Chocolate Roses.

Cerridwen Johnson

Oregan Cellar. I think it would look lovely as a lace cowl. The Noble Cowl on Ravelry is a good pattern, and I think the verigated would show up nicely with the lace.

Lisa Petrilli

I think the Marlwy scarf by Ysolda Teague would be grear knit in Tierno Smooch or maybe Verdigris. Something light soft and lvely around the neck.

Seanna Lea

Lovely! I think I like the obsidian best, though regent is also right up my alley (and will look more interesting against my black coat). I would make long fingerless mitts to wear over my gloves and around my still chilly office at work.


Beautiful yarn—I’d definitely want to make a cowl and probably spend hours browsing Rav for just the right one! How would one decide on a colorway-they’re all so beautiful…I think Forever might just be speaking to me. :) Merry Christmas!

Beth S.

Blu Teal Monochrome would definitely be my color of choice! I would make a cowl, or a scarf with it. Something warm that would protect my neck and cheeks from the cold. :)

Julia S

Oh, my! What lovely yarn! Color selection was tricky, but I think I’ll go with Homebrew- to make a springtime scarf. It would look great against my black Peabody for a breath of fresh air!


What lovely yarn! I would love the pewter monochrome, or perhaps sugar (can’t decide!) to make Anne Hanson’s new cable neck wrap (the one with the “keyhole”) for my daughter.

Leslie G

a black cherry lace cowl!

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