Continued - A Year in Time

Continued - A Year in Time

This is a difficult subject for me to talk about, but as you will be seeing pictures in the future from an obviously different location I need to talk about a significant change that has occurred for me, for my team, and for the business.

Right before Ron passed last year, I bought some land and we (Ron and I) signed the mortgage on a new building 3 days before he died. Please know that this is a difficult blog post for me to write. The past few weeks have been enlightening as I finally dig deep to understand feelings I have been having and trying to understand my own behavior. This is  a work in progress.

During the past 8 or so months, we've been building a new studio home for Miss Babs Hand Dyed Yarns. We finally moved late last week. The space we have been in was built to handle about 5 people. We have a few more employees than that now and it has been a life of "scuse me", bumping butts, scraping shins on bins and pots, and so on for longer than any of us cares to admit. The new space means that this is no longer happening. We can each have an adequate work space that actually maintains our personal space as well.

It also means that we are no longer on my home property where the business started and grew and thrived thanks to all of you. I was able to be at home all through Ron's last years and available to make sure he was safe and secure. Working from home and keeping our home was a promise I made to him in 2008 when things started getting significantly worse for him, requiring his retirement.  

So this change means I will now be driving to work, instead of walking across the driveway. It means that the dogs will come some of the time - they will have a fence and a gated area in the building where they can be without being in the yarn. What I finally figured out in the last few weeks is that while I was able to help plan everyone else's work areas, I couldn't think about my space. I was ignoring that I was avoiding my work spaces, and then it hit me in the face. I am/was having trouble with the whole issue of leaving Ron here. (I know he's dead.) When you've been doing something reflexively for years, it is difficult to change your brain, your habits, your daily routines. And that is what I have been doing. 

And all of these emotions explain why I have not wanted to talk about any of this publicly.

But besides all of my personal emotions --

  • We have needed a better space to work in.
  • I have needed separation from work.
  • My employees need a workspace that is not someone else's home and personal space.

Everyone has been wonderful over the years in helping maintain boundaries between home and work, but it just filters in. The coffee pot was in my kitchen, the undyed yarn was in my first studio that was part of the house, the meeting room was my dining room table area, and so on. 

In moving to a new location, I do not expect that we will make more yarn, but that it will allow new things to happen. Change simply brings change. We will be trying new dye styles, new color combinations, new projects, and so on. This will happen over time, not all at once. We will not have a retail location at the new studio and expect to continue our policy of no visitors.

This will not be the last time I write of Ron. He and I supported each other without end. He was the person I most trusted in the world, that had my back when no one else needed to or wanted to, he loved me through all that we went through together. His birthday is coming this week and is just one more first I am going through this week. I still can't figure out what to get him for his birthday, never could. So I guess the new studio will have to be it.

Here are some pictures of the new studio.

I love decks and I love windows that really open!

We have a real Break Room!

Yarn waiting to be twisted and labeled!


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You have been brave and stepped-up to the challenge of loving someone and helping them thru the worst of it. I am not going to make this about me – have done it. There will come a day when you feel like you put down a cross, it is a process. Face this pain and be in the place where the memories are and soon you will have the memories without the pain. Blessings to you this holiday season.

Lynne Morley

It’s so difficult to realize that when we lose a person, they still (and always will) reside in our hearts and memories. You haven’t forsaken Ron because you are moving your “physical space”. Ron hasn’t left you, he is still guiding you through this transition. I believe he is looking down, nudging you a bit here and there, and is SO PROUD of you. Change is good once we get to the other side of it, but to face our fear (and loss) is the only way we continue to learn and GROW. You are in my prayers! Remember Elizabeth Zimmerman “Knit on, with confidence and HOPE through all crises.” XO

Chris Austin

Thank you for sharing a very intiment part of your life with us!!! God is working through you to touch the lives of many!!! May God bless you and your business!!

Julie Clarke

Thank you for sharing with us Babs. I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious Ron. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, but I will be praying for you as I Knit your lovely Yarn…that Jesus will richly bless and comfort your creative soul in the happiest moments of sweet memories, and through the difficult moments of your profound loss.
Thank you for blessing all of us with your amazing gift!!
In His love,

Lori W

(typing through the tears) I want to say simply this “You are so LOVED”! and you always will be!
Thank you for sharing. Having gone through the hell of losing loved ones, having had stage 3 cancer and now facing the fact that my beloved chihuahua (who to me is my second son) having late stage cancer I know pain. But I also know with all my being that death is not the end. It is just part of the journey all be it a sad part of the journey for those left behind. Know that Ron is not gone he is still with you and he always will be.
Love and prayers,


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