Staff Projects in Damask

Staff Projects in Damask

Ever since Damask debuted last year, a bunch of us have been having a field day making projects in our first ever plant-fiber yarn.

Damask is a linen/silk blend (65% cultivated silk/35% linen) so not only does it take dye differently from our other bases, it works up differently as well. Here's the run-down of our staff Damask makes: 

Jennifer was actually the one who found the base yarn for Damask for us, thinking that it would be perfect for weaving, and she was right!  She used six different colors: Oz, Zing, Iantha, Dragons Flight, Sunny, and Fraser for this amazing wrap!  The finished size is 15.5" x 86" with 7" fringe.  

Babs loves knitting shawls, so she chose Janina Kallio's Desert Rain for her project. She used one skein of Coral, and didn't knit all the repeats but still finds it long enough. (It's nice when a project is accommodating like that, don't you agree)?

Paige knit the Anker Tee by Petite Knit in Sunny. This sweater (size S, 35.5" bust) took exactly 2 skeins of Damask! The sleeves are almost elbow length, and the hem hits at high hip. The ribbed yoke top adds subtle texture and breaks up the stockinette. Once the weather warms up, it will be a delightful spring top!

Veronica made the Abria sweater by Bonne Marie Burns in Topaz to wear at a family event. She knit the size 42/short version, and uses it as a cute over-the-shoulder top for summer dresses. It skims the high waist and the sleeves end just below the elbow.

Lynn also made a cropped sweater--Awelan by Susanna I.C. in Obsidian. This cute top features a front cable and a swingy hemline, and it looks great over sundresses or with high waisted linen pants.  

We've knit up Damask on a variety of needle sizes - Lynn's Obsidian top on a US 2 for a close fabric; Veronica's Topaz cardigan on a 5 for an airier drape; and Babs' Coral shawl on a US 6 for a more open fabric. We've been pleasantly surprised by how the fibers soften and settle into the finished fabric and we're looking forward to more projects in Damask!

For more Damask project ideas, see our earlier blog post, Introducing Damask.

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