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Wild Silk is a Tussah silk laceweight with a slightly matte, "toothy" finish. It has wonderful drape, and is ideal for shawls, while also great for weaving. Nm 20/2. Undyed Wild Silk is a honey tan, not white or cream, so colorways with very light or undyed areas will look different on this yarn.

Because of the toothiness of this yarn, it can be challenging to wind. You will want to pay attention while winding skeins of Wild Silk! 

Size: 1250 yd / 4 oz (1143 m / 113g) skeins
Content: 100% Tussah silk
Gauge: Lace weight. Dependent on pattern.
Care Instructions: Hand wash, dry flat.

We also sell smaller skeins of Wild Silk, with variable yardage, on this page. The approximate yardage and weight for these skeins is shown in each product's description.

Wild Silk has been discontinued. All discounted sales are final.


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