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Chicken Bits

Chicken Bits

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Q. What do you call a hen who can count her own eggs?

A. A mathemachicken!


Yarn and safety eyes to complete one Emotional Support Chicken. All patterns are sold separately and not included with the purchase of yarn. Helen knit her chicken in Markab and Old Gold Cupcake. There’s enough yarn in 2 skeins of Cupcake to make 2 chickens, if you reverse the colors.

Each set includes:

  • One 6-yard skein of Vincent Cupcake (yellow) for the beak
  • One 10-yard skein of Turkey Red Cupcake (red) for the comb and wattle
  • One pair of 15mm safety eyes. The eyes are assorted colors (some are glitter, some are not) and you will receive a matching pair.
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