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Prevailing Love Gradient and White Peppercorn Yummy 2-Ply - Shawl Set

Prevailing Love Gradient and White Peppercorn Yummy 2-Ply - Shawl Set

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This set contains all the yarn you'll need to create Ambah O'Brien's Talulah Shawl. It includes one six-color Prevailing Love Gradient Set and one full 400-yard skein of Yummy 2-Ply in the background color, White Peppercorn.

The colors of this set came out of my brain all in one piece in the early morning of the day that my husband passed. After I got up that morning, I quickly jotted down the colors and the formulas. I then went back to the tending of my husband through the day. The name Prevailing Love was suggested by Ambah as she knew what I had just been through. The names of the colors in the set are all words for Love in different languages.

Gradient Set

Six skeins of our Yummy 2-Ply Toes, dyed in a chromatic gradient. Each color in this set is named 'love' in a different language: from right to left, the colors are Amour (French), Elska (Icelandic), Caru (Welsh), N'Anya (Igbo), Aroha (Maori), and Leibe (German).

Size: Six 133 yd / 1.3 oz (121m / 38g) skeins
Content: 100% superwash Merino wool
Gauge: Fingering weight. 7-9 stitches per inch on US 0-2.
Care Instructions: Machine wash gentle. This yarn should be dried flat for best results.

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