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Russet with River Rocks Bag No. 5 - The Large Zip Project Bag

Russet with River Rocks Bag No. 5 - The Large Zip Project Bag

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The River Rocks design was painted by Veronica Ory. Expanding on the love of color and the infinite nuances that can be created, Babs and Veronica have been busy creating custom watercolor designs for our newest bag collections. Each design is painted by hand and then printed in limited editions on sturdy canvas fabric. Blue Spring Craft is incorporating these works into existing and new bag designs. This collaboration is a continuation of our creative process, and we hope you find designs and colors you love.

The Large Zip Project Bag is exactly that – a bag for your projects that has a nylon zipper so your project is safe and secure. This bag has three inside pockets to hold your notes, needles, and your phone.

Each bag features original watercolor art on the front and a solid waxed canvas back.

Bag No. 5 – The Large Zip Project Bag

  • 10.10 oz waxed canvas/custom designed canvas exterior and canvas interior pockets
  • Brass D-rings for attaching leather strap (sold separately)
  • 11” wide at base x 5 ½” deep x 9” tall; 16” wide at top
  • Vegetable tanned harness leather strap (optional)

A little bit about waxed canvas: 
Waxed canvas began as oilcloth in the 1800s, when sailors added linseed oil to their sails to better catch the wind. Since the 1930s, wax has been used to make cotton canvas water resistant. Natural and renewable, waxed canvas is a fabric invention that has been successfully adapted for many uses over the years. 

Care Instructions: 
Waxed canvas develops a patina over time, as the wax takes on the patterns of use. 

Waxed canvas is water resistant, but not waterproof. Please don’t expose to heat or iron. The best way to clean dirt on waxed canvas is with water. Stains or spots may be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap. Rinse and air dry.

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