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Stanwood Needlecraft - Compact Yarn Ball Winder Hand-Operated

Stanwood Needlecraft - Compact Yarn Ball Winder Hand-Operated

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This yarn ball winder (Model YBW-A) makes center pull yarn balls with a capacity of about 4 oz. The clamp-on base allows it to be firmly fixed at the edges of tables, chairs, benches, or any other convenient locations. The maximum thickness of table that this can clamp on to is about 1 3/4". It is best to be used with a swift yarn winder (Umbrella or Amish style, both available under Stanwood Needlecraft brand names). But you can easily replace a swift with other devices or just simply your arms. The craftsmanship on these ball winders is superior. In comparison to the model YBW-B, this winder is smoother and makes less noise while winding.

Some general features are listed below:

Center Pull Yarn Ball: This yarn winder creates yarn balls with the string that can be pulled from the center, making your knitting sessions convenient and neat.

Compact: When assembled, this ball winder is just slightly larger than two 16-ounce coffee mugs side to side, and weighs less than a pound but holds up to 4 ounces of yarn.

Quiet: Every single gear and rotating join is lubricated to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Complete Shroud: Stanwood realized a long time ago that any exposed gears will eat yarn, so they have completely covered all the gears.

Tool-less Set Up: Stanwood thought about how frustrating it is to organize your yarn collection, so they designed this winder to be set up without any hassle, so you can wind faster.

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